Our Current Authors and Contributors

Laura Butler

Laura’s in-depth knowledge of the finance industry, developed in previous employments as a Novated Leasing Consultant and Client Education Manager, led to her successful transition into the world of foreign exchange. As Laura is committed to broadening her knowledge, she recently completed a bachelor of taxation, which involved studying economics, business and law. With her aptitude for figures, Laura took to currency analysis quickly and now writes detailed exchange rate forecasts for the benefit of her clients.

Rewan Tremethick

As a currency analyst, Rewan has a keen interest in international economic and political events. As well as assessing their impact on major currencies, Rewan forecasts potential future movement based on fundamental analysis. His currency reports appear in a number of online and print-based publications.

Jason Forbes

Jason has 25 years’ of experience in the foreign exchange sector, having worked as a Propriety Trader in Hedge Fund Sales for ten years before moving on to work in Foreign Exchange Advisory/Forecasting for a US broker. Jason then moved into Funds Management and Technology for his own private firm before taking a position with a leading international money transfer provider based on the Gold Coast. During his time in the industry Jason has provided market commentary for a number of high-profile financial services firms and he now produces detailed foreign exchange forecasts for online publication.

Matt Andrews

Matt Andrews
Matt studied through the Open University and his long-held interest in politics later helped him gain employment as a currency writer. Matt’s appreciation for the interconnected nature of politics, economics and financial markets helps inform and contextualise the articles he creates for a range of websites.

Tim Sandroussi

Tim Sandroussi
Tim’s double degree in Business (majoring in Management) and Commerce (majoring in Finance and Financial Planning) and previous employment with a stock brokerage firm gave him the skills and expertise needed to take a challenging position in the foreign exchange sector. His ambitions to be a financial and economic communications specialist have led to Tim writing online market commentary, with a focus on the major currencies.

Oliver Meredew

Since joining a major foreign currency transfer provider in mid-2015 Oliver has accrued an in-depth knowledge of what drives exchange rates and uses fundamental analysis to produce detailed market reports. Although based in the UK, Oliver writes currency forecasts for both British and Australian websites.

John Allison

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and working in the superannuation industry as a Customer Information Representative and Defined Benefit Scheme Specialist, John moved into the foreign exchange sector. As well as being an RG146 compliant Foreign Exchange trader, managing accounts for clients with a wide range of currency transfer requirements, John produces market updates for online publications.

Louisa Heath

After completing her degree at Falmouth University Louisa gained experience as a writer and editor before joining the in-house writing team of a currency broker with offices in both Australia and the UK. She received training in interpreting currency market movements and exchange rate analysis and now produces market forecasts for a number of publications.

Josh Jeffery

Although comparatively new to financial sector, Josh is passionate about reporting on the latest political and economic news. He connects global developments to shifts in the commodity, stock and currency markets and uses fundamental analytical techniques to inform his articles. Josh currently writes for and several other forex-focused websites.

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